In an instant

Dear friends,
It’s Sunday morning and I greet you from chilly New York where I currently find myself. 
Get out there early and move around, be grateful and kind to the body that protects all of 
the trillions of cells that are found inside us all.
Last Sunday was the 6th annual chili cook-off in our town.  I was there and I was delighted with the turn out and all the activities and entertainment we were treated to. It was a long day but all the attendees, contestants and volunteers experienced the joy of a community coming together for a common purpose: to raise funds for our local orphanage. I arrived back home feeling the bliss that comes after a terrific adventure.
We went out for dinner that evening. As is my usual habit before going to bed, I made myself a cup of tea and was eagerly looking forward to getting under the covers to resume reading a book.  I am always reminding people of the importance of being truly in the moment, no matter what action we are performing.  I try to remember to take my own advice. Alas, in the moment that I turned off the light in the living room and headed to our bedroom, I 
completely forgot that our pets sleep indoors, on the floor, in an area of their choosing which changes each night. I was thinking about my book as I tripped over our biggest dog (in the dark), sending her whimpering as I landed face down.
We spent the night at CIMA’s emergency room.  I had broken my left humerus bone in the area around my shoulder. It is still perplexing to me (as I type with one hand) that in just seconds, life took a different course for us.  What should have been a cozy evening, turned into a night of torment for my family, my friend who called in another friend, my pet and myself.  I try not to relive the moment because it causes me deep concern that something like that happened to me and even more, that it could have been so much worse.
This week has found me immobilized and awkward.  I had to travel with discomfort (canceling our trip was not an option).   I have to negotiate my way around and I must spend many minutes more in whatever simple task I can perform. I am grateful for the miracle of finding myself alive, surrounded by family and friends who have been kind and helpful.  I
look forward to being able to wash my hair, make my bed and sweep my floors without assistance.  It will take time, and during this time, I will be forced to focus on just one thing at a time.  This is no doubt a good thing.
Have a wonderful day, a great week and remember to take it easy,

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