A lesson in humility

Dear Friends,
Greetings on a gray, crisp February morning in New York.  The cold breezes outside contrast with the warmth inside our apartment.
I am eternally grateful that we are blessed with a place to stay when we come here.  Get outside early today and take a look 
around your neighborhood as you devote some time to gentle movement.  Despite my fractured humerus, I am making progress
each day and try to rest as much as I can now that I feel I have a legitimate excuse!
I was overwhelmed two weeks ago when I found myself in my current condition.  I am not used to asking for assistance.  I am not comfortable depending on anyone.  Of all my faults (and yes,  I have many!) this trait is the one that has caused me the most trouble. 
I am embarrassed to admit that heavy objects have fallen on my head in the supermarket as the result of my attempting to reach beyond
my limited height because I am too proud to seek an employee to help me.  I believe things happen for a reason and come at just the right time.  In my case, my ‘accident’ has caused me tremendous inconvenience, a bit of pain, and has provided me with lots of time in which to meditate on my condition.
There is always a silver lining, even when life doesn’t go according to plan.  We do not know what our days will bring, but I believe we are responsible for the things we bring to them.  In the first couple of days, I was tempted to scold myself repeatedly, looking for a hidden agenda that might explain my carelessness at such an inopportune moment.  I could hear other voices echo my own, the voices from authority figures of my childhood that I had long forgotten.  Somewhere in the deepest recess, though, a gentle and kind voice drowned out the others and simply conveyed that sometimes there is no agenda, stuff happens.  I have decided that for now, there is no mystery, no sense in choosing the punitive voice when the forgiving one is available.  As always, the choice of voice is mine.
I accept that I need extra time to get ready.  I accept that for a while I will lose independence as I must depend on others to get around.
Perhaps hardest of all, I accept that ‘never-a-hair-out-of-place’ is a not comment I am likely to hear for a while!
It is a humbling experience which I welcome with an open heart and good humor.  That’s a good thing!
Have a great Sunday and an extraordinary week,  Marietta

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