Controlling the mind


Dear friends,
It is with great pleasure that I greet you today, my first Sunday back from New York.  What grand or small adventure will you be embarking on this day?  How will you thank the body that moves you along the path your mind directs?  I am grateful that despite
the strong breezes we are experiencing, the weather is warm and the sun is shining.  Like most of us, I am ready for a bit of rain!
My time in New York was short.   The purpose of our visit was concluded reasonably quickly and the rest of the time was spent visiting or being visited by friends and family.  My temporary ‘affliction’ rendered me pretty ineffectual in undertaking the tasks I had 
originally intended.  I was left with no choice but to sit back and allow the days to unfold without my intervention.  I found myself a spectator in my life rather than the chaotic administrator I am usually.  To say the least, it was a time of reflection and lightheartedness
as I began to see myself from the point of view of others.  It has been quite an education. 
While in New York, I was reunited with someone I had not seen in about 40 years!  We had been childhood pals and lost touch until the internet brought us together.  My friend was curious about my life and how I got where I am from where I was! She remembered minute details of our past that I had long forgotten.   I realized while telling my story that my life has been a puzzle of memories, relationships, joys and sorrows.  I sigh with deep contentment when my thoughts turn to our children for they are constant proof that we have done something right in our role as parents.
I have known and occasionally lived with difficult-to-please people during my lifetime, most of us have.  I learned to avoid conflict be performing my duties as quietly and competently as I was able to.  I seek to be a peacemaker whenever I am around people who find pleasure in friction.  I always look for the creative solution to any disagreement because controversy of any type makes me very uncomfortable.  The task has been exhausting.  During this period of convalescence, I am finding myself at last grasping that I can only control the thoughts of my  own brain.  That is a full-time job and the only one I need to have for the moment!
Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta


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