A good outcome

Greetings Friends,
It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning where I am.  I am sipping my Atenas coffee as I wait for the gourmet breakfast the aroma from the kitchen promises.  The winds are resting and the birds are singing.
At this very moment, my life is complete. I am filled with gratitude, a quality that helps me set the tone for a good day.  Get out there early today and move around as you take in the beauty that nature provides.
I am writing to you today with the use of both my hands.  I can get my greeting to you in half the time it took me last week!  It is amazing how quickly time passes.  While I am not completely healed, great improvement has taken place.  I can now tackle simple chores for short periods without feeling
any great discomfort.  It was exactly one month ago today that I injured my humerus bone.  I can say without any reservation that the healing process has filled me with great appreciation for the wonderful people who are a part of my life.
I was at the bank this past week.  Despite my ‘sling’ I was reluctant to place myself on the ‘Special’ line.  There were just a handful of customers, my transaction should have been concluded quickly. I sat awaiting
my turn for far longer than I should have. When I was leaving the bank, I was stopped by a young woman who asked me if I would be willing to answer a few general questions about the bank and some specific ones about customer service!
I smiled and politely declined, expressing frankly that I had nothing good to say ‘right now’ and would undoubtedly make her regret she had approached me!  She was not discouraged by my attitude, suggesting instead that ‘right now’
might be the perfect moment to give an honest appraisal.  As I am a strong believer that perseverance should be rewarded,  I yielded and answered all questions completely, adding even more time to my errand!  By the end of
the ‘interview’ I was able to see that despite my negative experience that day, my answers revealed to me that my  general attitude about the bank is not so negative.  A good outcome.
It has become apparent to me that while I do not habitually take people or things for granted, I have perhaps not fully recognized how important it is to express recognition verbally or in writing.  I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making time to read my messages on Sundays, for sharing them with friends and family, and for giving me feedback and a glimpse of your own lives.  Knowing you are on the other side  motivates me and challenges me to look for inspiration in all places and all situations.
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week,

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