The things that matter

Dear Friends,

I have just finished my breakfast.  I am thankful for my husband’s magic in the kitchen which increases the value  

of an already glorious Sunday morning!  Today is a day of renewal and joy as most of us celebrate Easter and with it, 
the arrival of Spring! Get out there early and enjoy a day that includes planning what you would like to accomplish
in the month of April.  
Our hearts were broken earlier in the week by news of the tragic death of Atenas Firefighter Andres Cruz Castro
while fighting a forest fire.   I am glad that I had a chance to know him because it allows me to accept that he died in the same
way that he lived: in service to others.  He was a devoted husband, father, son, friend, teacher and musician.  The love
and admiration of all who knew him was evidenced by the standing-room-only crowd at his services.  His widow’s
loving tribute, delivered with poise and sincerity, served to increase my appreciation for this young man.  I imagine him 
acknowledging the crowd with joy while encouraging us to continue to live our lives without sadness for his passing.
The March winds appear to have calmed down, filling me with energy and optimism.  It is disheartening to clean furniture
only to see it dusty minutes later.   My small house plants have managed to survive the many weeks of being blown about.
Today I will devote some minutes to cleaning their leaves and giving them a good watering.  There is nothing more 
satisfying than to envision the flowers that will soon begin appearing.  By this time, most of us are tired of the brown 
landscape and eager to welcome the verdant ‘winter’ one.   

In the coming weeks, CATUCA will be very busy coordinating the activities that are centered around the Climate Fair. The 

8th edition of the Fair will be held on April 26, 27 & 28th.  This is the time of the year that many artisans, residents and visitors
look forward to.  We are committed to providing a wonderful array of crafts, food and entertainment for the entire family.
The turnout at the yearly Climate Fair confirms to us that people do participate when culture and arts are brought to Atenas.
They love feeling that they are part of ‘something’.  I am proud to belong to an organization that serves the community and
seeks to improve the quality of  life of the residents and visitors.  This is one of the aspects of life that matters to me. What’s
one of yours?
Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta


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