Small Acts

Dear Friends,
Today, like all Sundays, should be a day of joy and renewal for all of us.  
Rather than planning on countless hours driving somewhere,
let’s make the best of the day by beginning it with some healthy nutrition and gentle movement right where we are.  Become tourists in your own neighborhood, you never know what gems are hiding right in your backyard! 
In the eleven years we have lived in Atenas, we have seen our small community change significantly.  It was very naive of me to believe that the passing of time would not alter the area substantially, that things would stay the same just because this is what I wanted!   Some things have not changed, however:   the love that I feel for this small paradise and the simple 
acts of kindness that bring meaning and purpose to the lives of our closest neighbors.  Everyone in that numerous family has a place in the family structure, something that provides me with tranquility and the knowledge that I can count on them.  
The Atenas of long ago instilled in its citizens a strong sense of tradition. Despite the modern access road (which is now re-opened), connecting the town to the highway, once inside the center, we can sense that Atenas is a place where the people are proud of its past. 
There are still places in town that close at lunchtime, reminding me that it is wise to take a break every so often and admire the blooms of the trees surrounding the park, or listen to the sounds of nature all around.  It is amazing what regular, scheduled rest can do to energize and revitalize our existence and change our mood. 
The 8th Edition of Climate Fair weekend is quickly approaching (April 26, 27, & 28th).  CATUCA has always been focused towards serving the community.  It has been gratifying to witness the enthusiasm from people who want to take part in what has become a month
of culture and activity for this little town.  Our vision to make the town a masterpiece of golden beauty in the late days of summer began with the planting of 25 cortez amarillo trees back in April of 2009.  Many of them have survived and will bloom in a year or two. 
We are aware that planting is just one small act but small acts are often all that is needed to get something big started.  Small acts can bring great satisfaction and joy;  and joy, like laughter, is contagious.  Join us!
Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!


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