Life is an Adventure!

Dear friends,
Greetings on a gorgeous Sunday morning.  I invite you to get out there early, stretching and moving your body gently in preparation for whatever kind of activity you have planned for today.   I spent a lovely afternoon  playing Bingo at the Hogar de Ancianos yesterday, making new friends and not winning a single thing!  The activities continue today and I urge you to support this wonderful institution by getting out and joining the fun.
I will celebrate the 40th anniversary of my high school graduation this June.  The marvelous internet has made it possible for my classmates and me to connect and share what has come to pass in the 40 years since we were together.  As is usual in most peoples’ lives, I have remained close with a handful of my friends over the years, but I lost touch with almost everyone else.   In briefly recounting how the years have passed for me, I was suddenly struck by the fact that I have had a very good life. I believe that it was Dr. Joyce Brothers who once said that “you can have it all, just not all at the same time”.  I think that applies in my case and I am eager to see what the next 40 years have in store for me!   I will strive to bring to fruition all the goals that I believe I can still aim for.  
It has come to my attention that Atenas is once again becoming a magnet for those who are looking for a nice place to retire to.  Our tiny jewel is being discovered by people from all parts of the world who are searching for the quality of life that is still largely taken for granted by the citizens.  While Costa Rica is no longer advertised as a ‘cheap’ place to live, it still gets pretty good marks in important areas.   There are plenty of concerned, intelligent citizens working to resolve the many issues that have arisen as a result of 
changing times. It is my hope that we will eventually enjoy all the benefits that come with embracing new practices while maintaining our lifelong traditions of peace and love of nature.
The rainy season is approaching.  People everywhere are preparing their land for planting.  I have been researching for the types of sturdy plants I might have success with given the limited time I can devote to them at present. Harvesting a successful crop requires daily attention, regular watering, and occasional fertilizing.   I have to be realistic about how many crops I can attend to.  The mind is not so different from a plot of land.  Planting a goal in our minds is one of the most important decisions we can make in life.  Life, after all, is an exciting adventure waiting for us to really experience.  Plant your goal today!
Have a great day and a terrific week, Marietta


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