Living with Enthusiasm

Dear Friends,
Welcome to another sunny Sunday.  Get out early and enjoy the cheerful scenery that is just beginning to appear
with the first ‘spring’ rains.   Spring is a wonderful time to begin a new habit, to make a positive change that will
allow us to experience life more fully.  Start your day gratefully remembering all your blessings and mentally
anticipating a perfect day.
My mother turned 84 years old yesterday.  Although she has Alzheimer’s and is bedridden, it is a joy to be able to look in her
eyes and believe that some remnant of recognition lies there.  As she smiles at me or pulls my ears with real strength, I am 
reminded of our younger days when she was full of passion and energy for living.  My mother never did anything half-heartedly.
Her example is one of the greatest gifts that I received from her.  “If you are going to do something”, she would say, “do it
with all your heart and strength. Don’t give up half-way but see things through until the end, regardless of the outcome.”
Every once in a while it becomes very clear to me that life in a small town like Atenas has its many benefits.  There are days
when just walking in the park and greeting my friends fills me with a jolt of enthusiasm and energy.  These ‘ingredients’ provide
the resilience required whenever I need to wait in line at the post office, or at the bank.  In my mind, I can travel back and
ruminate on the harmless banter and exchange of information that took place just minutes (or hours) before and it stops whatever
nasty mood I am in danger of succumbing to.
Next weekend is the 8th edition of the annual Climate Fair.  The purpose of the Climate Fair is to offer the community and 
visitors a family-oriented, alcohol-free event that celebrates the traditions, culture and gastronomy of our region.  It provides 
an opportunity for everyone to see and celebrate the talented artists and entertainers that live in our area.  It is the culmination 
of many months of work and planning by a group of volunteers who believes that bringing people together for this yearly festivity
is a worthwhile endeavor.  Join us if you can (program attached) and be prepared to walk away with many unique treasures
and wonderful memories.  
Have a terrific Sunday and a great week, Marietta

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