Sunday Musings

Good Morning Friends, Another beautiful Sunday greets us.  Get out early and move around, enjoying all the colors that nature and the weatherare now providing.  This is the last Sunday in May, make it a good one. When I woke up this morning, it took me a moment to remember that I am now in Queens, New … Continue reading Sunday Musings

Sunday Greeting

Dear Friends, This morning greets us with the sun shining brightly and the sounds of nature.  I hope you get out there early andenjoy a bit of movement, delighting in your ability to do so.  The mornings end quickly and it is nice to have done allwe need to before the rains start coming down. I once … Continue reading Sunday Greeting

To plant!

Greetings friends!Welcome to another Sunday in our little Paradise!  Don't forget to get out there and move about early today, gently and gratefully, before any rains have a chance to frustrate your good intentions. After the intense three-day Climate Fair last weekend, and the subsequent couple of days of tying all loose ends, it has been nice … Continue reading To plant!