To plant!

Greetings friends!

Welcome to another Sunday in our little Paradise!  Don’t forget to get out there and move about early today, gently and gratefully, before any rains have a chance to frustrate your good intentions.
After the intense three-day Climate Fair last weekend, and the subsequent couple of days of tying all loose ends, it has been nice to reacquaint myself with my family, my pets and my home!  Preparations for this year’s Climate Fair were particularly demanding 
on all of us;  the consequence of new rules and regulations which Municipalities everywhere are enforcing.  It was wonderful to see so many vendors and visitors.  We know from feedback that everyone had a wonderful time.  Although we cheer for everyone
to be successful, |I am most pleased to share with you that several homerooms from the Central School set up booths which were immensely so.  The money they collected will be used for activities throughout the remainder of the year, easing the financial burden on all the parents.
My favorite part of the Climate Fair is the meeting and greeting of the people who visit. It is wonderful to get fresh impressions and feel the absolute satisfaction with the activities as I pass by and observe entire families ‘camping’ for the day.  The notion of anything 
wrong with the world is clearly not a part of this scene.  My colleagues and I have a real sense of the importance this yearly celebration holds for our community.  We welcomed crews from both radio and television and our event was also written about in the papers. We invite you to join us next time in preparations so that your enjoyment of the entertainment is complete!
The rainy season is upon us.  It is unbelievable how just a couple of good rainstorms have managed to put green leaves back on the bare branches of the trees.  I am eager (once again!) to see what things I can grow in my garden this time.  I am being patient 
with myself , trying to sow only the few crops that I can realistically take care of given my limited ‘spare time’.  My friends have been generously supplying us with some vegetables and Nature has taken it upon herself to make sure papayas, avocados and bananas are permanently available.  I feel blessed to live in such a climate and know that most of you feel as I do: grateful to be alive in order to plant something!
Have a wonderful week, a lovely Sunday.



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