Mother’s Day!

Good Morning Friends,
It is wonderful to wake up to a lush, green paradise and hear the sounds of the birds as they chirp happily from tree to tree.  In the background, I can also distinguish the rooster’s call reminding me that it is time to move my body gently and in gratitude for another
chance to live a good day.  I invite you to do so early before the rains of the season come your way.
Today is Mother’s Day in the U.S.   Most children will give their mothers the handmade treasures their teachers have helped them craft 
during the week.  Those gifts are the ones I still enjoy despite the dust which has marred their appearance and faded their colors.  My heart melts when I remember my children’s attempts to keep their ‘secret’ gift hidden until the right time and how their faces lit up when their gift was fussed over and displayed.  It seems like yesterday but it was a long time ago before their innocence was substituted with their present maturity.

Special days like today remind me how important it is to nurture relationships these days.  In our unpredictable and fast-paced world, it is vital to look after the things that make our life meaningful.  Family, friends, and community become even more crucial during times of illness and crises.  Fortunate are those who set aside time regularly to nurture the relationships that lift spirits.  It is amazing to learn how beneficial these

sessions are for our overall good health.  

Our daughter entertained some of her friends yesterday.  She is concluding her Senior Year and will be starting college in New York in August.  It was refreshing to see her spend time in the company of people who know her and with whom she has bonded over the years.

It was a lovely afternoon of laughter and fun despite the heavy downpour that caught them by surprise. There is nothing more therapeutic
for me than to have a house full of  young people, something that has been diminishing over the years as a natural consequence of our
children growing up.  Over a cup of great coffee (from Atenas, of course)  I tried to imagine what life will be like in a few months.

I hope you have a chance to think about your relationships today.  It might be a good day for you to get in touch with someone you haven’t seen in a while.  I wish you a great day and wonderful week.


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