Sunday Greeting

Dear Friends,
This morning greets us with the sun shining brightly and the sounds of nature.  I hope you get out there early and
enjoy a bit of movement, delighting in your ability to do so.  The mornings end quickly and it is nice to have done all
we need to before the rains start coming down.
I once read that the first 20 minutes after waking up sets the tone for the rest of the day.  I don’t always believe everything
I read but this particular theory made its lasting impression on me from the time I first read it, which was pretty early in my
life.  The belief in the importance of those first 20 minutes is what trained me to set my alarm clock to music rather than to a
piercing siren guaranteeing anxiety for the rest of the day.  I credit this theory with guiding me to find creative and serene
methods of waking my children before they were old enough to be responsible for getting up on their own.  It is with this
idea in mind that I think about the first words I will speak when I see my husband in the morning, although he has 
usually been awake for a few hours before me!
Sunday mornings are typically more relaxed and quiet than the rest of the week.  I make my way to my computer fortified by 
my coffee (…) to compose my musings.  I reflect on the week and ponder what universal impact it has had that I might share 
with my readers.  My writing does not always come quickly or easily but expressing myself in this manner has always been
very therapeutic and constructive for me.  Writing involves a great deal of energy, thought and discipline.  I am conscious 
of my responsibility to myself and to you to try to convey my thoughts in a clear and correct manner.  I am grateful for all the
feedback I receive from people whose lives are touched by my meditations.  
It appears that my Yahoo account has been ‘compromised’ by inventive hackers.  I experienced dread during the first 20 minutes
of my morning as I spent them reading and replying to the messages of alarm that many of you sent me in response to a mysterious
email about Google drive (which I did not send) arriving in your emails.  At first, I was very troubled by this situation, it threatened to
color my day very negatively.  I could hear the phone in the background (before 8 a.m.!) with its shrill and insistant demand for
immediate attention.   Suddenly, I remembered another of my strong beliefs: my ability to choose my response to all situations.  
I took a deep breath, replied to as many individual emails as I could and then sent out a global message to most others in my
contact list.  I changed my passwords, took another deep breath and decided to start my first 20 minutes over!  Sometimes starting
over is a very good idea.   I wish you all a great day filled with joy, wisdom and fun.

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