Sunday Musings

Good Morning Friends,

Another beautiful Sunday greets us.  Get out early and move around, enjoying all the colors that nature and the weatherare now providing.  This is the last Sunday in May, make it a good one.
When I woke up this morning, it took me a moment to remember that I am now in Queens, New York.  Yesterday is a blur.We left Costa Rica very early in the morning and had an uneventful yet busy day.  During the flight, I was aware of my surroundings, catching a  glimpse now and then of the constant stream of advertising on the airplane screens around me.  My own screen was not working and it was very entertaining to try to figure out exactly what product or service was being pitched to my fellow passengers. 
Sitting in an airplane for hours provides lots of time to think about things.  I reviewed the morning in my mind and realized with a mixture of relief and nostalgia that this is the last trip from Costa Rica that required us to obtain a permit for our daughter to travel outside the country.  The next time she leaves the country, she will have turned 18, the age which most of the Western world considers to be ‘adult’.  I am excited for this new phase in all our lives, although I know fully well that it will take several years before true adulthood is reached!   True adulthood for me is defined not only by age.  Our children have been ‘adults’ in some
areas for many years as they are (thankfully) very mature in their thinking and behavior.  I am eager to see what their future holds for them and for us as parents.
Graduations are the punctuation marks of education.  One of the reasons for this trip is to attend our daughter’s graduation from High School.  Her school is an accredited distance-learning institution and although she did all of her work at home in Costa Rica, she was very eager to participate in the celebration in Brattleboro, Vermont.  She will get to meet and talk with others who have had a similar educational experience and I am certain this will prove to be the highlight of our trip.  We are also here to visit and tour the college that she will attend in  the fall.  
Although I have always been interested in alternative educational opportunities,  I am a strong believer in public education.   I feel sad about the current state of education in Atenas and Costa Rica.  I am encouraged, however, by recent reports of tremendous 
improvements in the high school since the last time I visited them in June 2009!  Most of the students and faculty are eager to do their part to contribute to society and to their own well-being.    I remain optimistic that Atenas can become the town we all want to live in and deserve.  I believe we will be living our golden years there surrounded by the people and things we have come to love and appreciate.  Where do you plan to live yours?
Have a great day!



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