Real Abundance

Dear Friends, I am sitting at my computer, having just come in from breathing in the morning air and feelingthe sunshine on my shoulders as I rested my eyes on the magnificence of Nature's Beauty.Today is June 30th! We have exactly 184 days before 2014 begins.  Let's get out there and begin to make the second half of … Continue reading Real Abundance

Modern Inventions

Dear Friends, It's another renewal Sunday!  It is sunny where I am;  the day stretches out before me with unlimited possibilities for fun and relaxation.  But first I will take a quick walk around the neighborhood, breathing in the sweet smell of jasmine and resting my eyes on the gorgeous colors of the flowers.  Wherever this morning finds … Continue reading Modern Inventions


Greetings friends! Another Sunday salutes us.  Let's get out early and move around with gratitude for the capability of breathing in and out, taking in nature's beauty.   The subject line on an email I recently received inquired: "Do you feel joy each morning?"As a word perfectionist I looked up the exact meaning of 'joy' in my dictionary … Continue reading Joy