Greetings friends!
Another Sunday salutes us.  Let’s get out early and move around with gratitude for the capability of breathing in and out, taking in nature’s beauty.  
The subject line on an email I recently received inquired: “Do you feel joy each morning?”
As a word perfectionist I looked up the exact meaning of ‘joy’ in my dictionary before I gave my mental answer.  Joy is defined as a  feeling of great pleasure and happiness.  As a savvy marketing detractor too sophisticated to fall for most ploys to separate me from my money,  I hesitated a minute before I gave in to the curiosity the subject line had sparked in me.  
As I read the message, I was amused by the unique manner in which the writer recommended routine de-cluttering as a path to feeling joy each morning.  I confess that getting rid of items no longer used on a regular basis is a challenge that I have found nearly impossible to meet.  It seems there are a million reasons why I should keep 
things and every once in a while I do find an old item useful which just encourages this unfortunate habit.  The law of averages that keeps gamblers coming back seems to apply in this area for me!
The message cited various reasons why we might put off clearing and cleaning out on a regular basis.  It listed common excuses (it takes too long; don’t know where to start; waiting for the right time or someone else to help; etc.) and refuted them at the same time (do a little at a time; start anywhere; it is never/always the right time; NEVER wait for someone to help; etc.). As I continued to read, my attention wandered and I had to make a real effort
to focus on the topic at hand. Maintaining focus is often another one of my handicaps.
Eventually I got to the end of the message and contemplated the wisdom of several important points.  I was appreciative of the fact that the author was not trying to ‘pitch’ anything except simple, clear suggestions on how even tiny changes in our personal habits can eventually lead to great results and constant feelings of joy.  In conclusion, I inferred that
we are responsible for harnessing the power of our own light so that each day is one we look forward to greeting and so that we can lead by example.   It is with an optimistic and happy heart that I envision myself answering the question of joy with a resounding YES on a daily basis.  How about you?
I wish you a wonderful day, a great week and joy in all you do,


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