Roses everywhere!

Dear Friends,
A gorgeous morning salutes me and wherever you wake up, I hope the same is true for you.  Begin your day by being grateful for all you have: your family, your health and your desire to contribute something personal to improve your environment each day.
Whenever I am here in New York, I walk quite a bit.  I enjoy walking.  I find that when I am wearing proper shoes, comfortable clothing, am adequately hydrated and have sufficient time, my feet and legs are the perfect conveyance.  I consider myself very fortunate that I have the opportunity to walk and I take advantage of that opportunity as often as possible.  The sidewalks here are ample and in good condition, quite the opposite of
what we find in most of Costa Rica where our pedestrians are forced to participate in a type of extreme sport. 
Although walking (and movement in general) provides many health benefits, I am especially drawn to this method for getting around because it yields a great deal of information, entertainment and inspiration which I can employ in my writing and other endeavors.  Those around me are not usually motivated to accompany me on my ‘expeditions by foot’, affording me the chance to indulge in my favorite form of recreation: analyzing my surroundings
without interruption or narration (by me!). 
Yesterday I went out for what was going to be a quick errand: buying a package of hot dog buns from the corner grocery store for a quick lunch.  The clerk informed me that they had no bread of any kind at the moment.  I proceeded to another store across the street with the same results.  After trying two more small shops without success, I decided I might
as well head for the large supermarket.  As I returned home from my adventure, I was suddenly aware that it has been many years since I have walked these streets in the month of June.  I do not remember ever noticing the plethora of colors present in the tiny gardens that hold abundant types of roses.  I was amazed by their colors; colors only nature can invent.
My errand yesterday resulted in an unexpected and delightful tour, something that would not have happened if I had accepted my son’s offer to drive me.  Although lunch was a little later than anticipated, it was garnished by the memory of all the beautiful roses I had just seen and the admiration for the painstaking care and love that went into the planning and planting of these miniature gardens.  
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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