A message on Father’s Day

Dear Friends,
Greetings on this lovely Sunday.   Get out there early with gratitude for all you have and confidence that the universe is collaborating with you to make all your projects come to fruition.  
In the early part of my current stay in New York, I noticed the accumulation of water on the street as I made my way to the subway.  Each day, I could tell the level was rising because the tires of the cars parked on the street seemed to be sinking.  I traced the origin which led me to a manhole cover where the water was flowing rapidly.  The water situation
in Atenas has made me extremely aware of how precious water is and I found myself very troubled by what I perceived was a lack of interest in the neighborhood group, if there is one.
I mentioned the problem to several people and one of the neighbors, baffled by my concern, asked me why I cared since I no longer lived in the neighborhood.  This remark shocked me and gave me plenty of food for thought.  I decided to take a different route each day avoiding the reminder of water waste but I felt uneasy and made mental notes to find out
what city department should be contacted to at least report the problem.  A few days later, I was rewarded by the sight of men and machinery working to clear up whatever was causing the leak.  I was able to return to my preferred route!
My thoughts continued to visit the remark made by the neighbor.  I have always been concerned about and partial to the places and people that make up my life or did so in the past.  My parents taught me the value of participating in community proceedings to the extent one is able to so that the needs and desires of the people are known and addressed by the leaders who have been elected to their jobs.  An attitude of indifference has never accompanied me and I hope that my golden years will find me still caring about life around me.  Although my mother can no longer participate in the community because of
her Alzheimers, I am proud that my father, at 84, is still as active in community life as time permits.  I hope to follow his noteworthy example.
Father’s Day is celebrated in about 75 countries around the world today.  What would we do without the glorious and unique vitality fathers bring to our lives?   A good father might be uncelebrated, un-applauded and unnoticed but he is a precious resource and asset in our society.   All of us have a father, whether he is living or has transitioned into another life.
He might be a full participant in our life or we might find ourselves distanced from him.  Whatever kind of father he is/was, he co-created our existence on earth; without him we would not have been able to manifest our own gifts to society. We should 
be grateful and bury any resentment to make way for forgiveness and gratitude, even if just for today.
Have a wonderful day celebrating all the fathers in your life and a terrific week celebrating life and community,

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