Modern Inventions

Dear Friends,
It’s another renewal Sunday!  It is sunny where I am;  the day stretches out before me with unlimited possibilities for fun and relaxation.  But first I will take a quick walk around the neighborhood, breathing in the sweet smell of jasmine and resting my eyes on the gorgeous colors of the flowers.  Wherever this morning finds you, take time to look around with gratitude for life and confidence that a great day is in the making for you.
My last several weeks in New York have been filled with the normal physical activities that are part of every parent’s routine.  I have gone grocery shopping.  I have prepared meals.  I have washed and dried dishes.  I have swept and mopped, taken out the trash, recycled, etc.   One of the ‘routines’ that I take for granted in Costa Rica, however, is not available to me here in Queens: doing laundry in the comfort of my home.  Taking care of this important chore involves a visit to the laundromat a few blocks away. 
Laundering has never been my favorite household chore so I try to keep it under control at all times.  Nothing unsettles me more than an overflowing hamper (except maybe a sink full of dirty dishes!) and the anxiety that comes with running out of clean clothes at the worst possible moment.  When I was packing for this trip, I purposely minimized my wardrobe to force myself to launder items regularly.  It has proven to be the perfect solution and the source of several very entertaining outings. The laundromat near our house is a few blocks away.  I like to go early, before the regular crowd arrives with their huge bundles of dirty clothing.  I am overwhelmed if they arrive before me and use all the machines!
As I greet the staff and request the necessary change for the machines that I will use, my eyes take in all the ‘directives’ from management (No dyeing please!  Outside drying only on Tuesdays! etc.).  After my clothes are in the washers, I find a good spot to sit and go into a sort of trance as the machines whirr all around me.  I silently observe my fellow ‘captives’ and try to imagine what their lives are like outside of this establishment.  After my clothes are all clean, dry and folded, I head back home for the final vital step:  putting the clothes away properly.  Going to the laundromat always sparks gratitude in me for the modern inventions that have freed me from the drudgery of the pioneer woman and have given me the chance to contribute to my family’s life in other ways. I am sure you have your own favorite modern invention, share it with me!
Have a wonderful day of fun and relaxation and a terrific week, Marietta

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