Real Abundance

Dear Friends,
I am sitting at my computer, having just come in from breathing in the morning air and feeling
the sunshine on my shoulders as I rested my eyes on the magnificence of Nature’s Beauty.
Today is June 30th! We have exactly 184 days before 2014 begins.  Let’s get out there and begin to make the second half of 2013 everything it can be.
Our journey back home from New York on Monday was a long one.  The inclement Chicago weather delayed our airplane and added several more hours to our already lengthy stay in the airport.  One of the positive outcomes (for me) of being ‘trapped’ this way is the option of contemplating everything around me in a secure atmosphere.  There is no option but to relax and accept the circumstances.  I make the best of these opportunities because I rarely allow myself the luxury of just sitting and thinking, without some other employment.
As I sat in our area, I really observed fellow passengers and tried to ascertain whether they were returning to Costa Rica (as we were) or whether they were visiting for the first time.  After a while I started to daydream and recalled the anticipation with which we arrived in New York for the first time almost 50 years ago.  I saw babies whose life is just starting and I was reminded how quickly life passes.  In those quiet, restful hours, I was able to work out some answers to questions I have been asking myself for the last year.
Our arrival was smooth and the ride home was cheerful.  The approach to our home was heartwarming.  Even in the darkness, I could make out the blooms of the bougainvilleas and much to my surprise and delight, my beloved African Violets had been carefully tended by my husband during my absence and looked better than when I left them.  I was conscious of a deep feeling of gratitude for the abundance in my life.  I consider myself a very wealthy woman and it has nothing to do with money.  I hope the same is true for you.
Have a wonderful day and a great start to the second half of the year, Marietta

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