A sanctuary called “home”

Dear Friends,
Like every Sunday, I wish us all a day of rest and relaxation.   Let’s begin the day it with a healthy breakfast and gentle movement right where we are.  Let nothing upset us today, let’s look forward to our week with positive anticipation and the confidence that it will be a good one. 
It is not yet 8 a.m.  The customary Sunday melodies from the birds are being drowned out by the harsh noises stemming from our neighbor’s weed wacker.  Every few minutes, a silence reigns as he pauses to rest his arms.  I am aware of resentment threatening to cloud my Sunday morning, but I conclude that perhaps this is the only opportunity he has to keep his grass trimmed.  The thought settles me.  I admit that I long for the old days, when our only neighbors were the quiet horses grazing on the grass!  Changes are inevitable, however,
and sometimes the best solution is to accept them with grace and move on. 
This past week seemed shorter than any other I can remember.  I think it was because I spent a great deal of time with family and friends whose company I really enjoy, and engaging in activities that bring out the best of my creative ideas.  I am eager to continue on the adventure I call ‘living’ and I am grateful each day for all the blessings in my life.  Our daughter’s imminent departure for college in the States will no doubt bring its mixture of emotions and upheaval, but I am certain we will all soon adjust to the evolution in our lives cheerfully.  
This weekend marked an important milestone for our children and me.  I know they are not aware of it as I am.  We are in different geographical locations but connected in ‘cyberspace’ by our modern technology.   I am filled with tenderness, admiration and excitement for each of them and their future.   They are spreading their wings confidently because their roots in our family are firmly planted.  They perceive that what they call ‘home’ is not just a physical place;  it is really the safe ambience that is created whenever we communicate with one another.  This ‘sanctuary’ is something we have worked on creating together.  I hope it is this way for you and your loved ones too.  If it isn’t yet, why not begin to make it so?
Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!


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