Barbs or Praise

Dear Friends,
Greetings on this Sunday for renewal of body and mind! Give yourself the gift of movement early today and you have taken care of one important commitment to your health.
I am writing to you while looking out my windows and experiencing the carefree flight and chirping of birds.   A dog is barking in the distance and a rooster is crowing in reply.  I am drinking my coffee (from Atenas, of course) and have just finished a plate of freshly made (by my husband!) eggs and tomato (my favorite!).  I am filled with gratitude to be thusly blessed. In this moment, my life is perfect.  I hope yours is too.
Yesterday was a wonderful day of unplanned mental time travel for me.  I was able to visit with a friend who has recently made an important life change by returning to the States with her young family.  In talking with her, I was transported back to my own childhood when my parents, endowed with little more than courage, intelligence and a strong work ethic, made a daring move to the U.S. so that we might have a better life.   I was surprised by all the memories of that journey (almost 50 years ago) that came flooding back.  Since we were talking about education (a topic of great interest to both of us), my recollections of my first teachers were powerful.  I was able to compare and contrast styles and personalities and their life-long effects on me.
Robert Louis Stevenson once said; “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”   Words are seeds.  It is important to choose them carefully and thoughtfully, remembering that seeds can spoil or flourish depending on the preparation of the soil and the nurturing afterwards.  The same applies to people, especially young children whose ‘soil’ is in the process of cultivation.    My weekly messages to you are something that I take seriously. I don’t usually know until I actually sit down and begin writing what event in my week will be highlighted or used as an inspiring narrative.  I endeavor to select positive reflections and I am fortunate that I have many choices most weeks.
I invite you today to remember the effect our words have on those around us and that it is vital do our best to choose them wisely, especially if we are around children.  Decide today if you wish to plant a thorny bush or an exquisite and colorful garden.  Don’t lose hope if you don’t succeed right away, it takes practice.
Have a great day and a terrific week, Marietta

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