Panic Button!

Dear Friends,
It’s early Sunday morning and in a few hours, I will be at the beach with my family.  I have challenged myself to write very quickly this morning so that I don’t let you down when you open your emails!  It is very satisfying to me to find that so many of you are eager to read my e-pistles on Sundays.  Thank you for all the feedback which I receive periodically, it does really make me feel that we have a connection and a relationship that is important to us.
About 10 days ago while I was on my way to see my parents in San José, I noticed that the battery and oil indicators on my pick-up’s dashboard were on.  Not knowing anything about the internal workings of my vehicle and what this could mean,  I did the only thing left to me in that situation: turn on my internal panic button!  I pulled over as soon as possible and called my husband. 
My husband helpfully suggested I check the oil!  I replied acerbically that I was wearing white; that I had no paper towels with which to wipe the oil stick clean and that I was too short to even attempt such a maneuver.  I hung up quickly and then realized that I didn’t have and couldn’t recall my mechanic’s telephone number.  I called my husband back meekly to ask him to get it for me.  He was amazingly polite and nice to me which made
me feel very guilty for my immature outburst earlier.  
The mechanic (having rescued me several times in the past) calmly explained that the problem might be the alternator. It was not dangerous but the best course of action was for me to return home.  I felt very disappointed that I would not be able to see my parents.  On my drive home I made a mental note to learn a little bit about the workings of my vehicle to avoid panic in the future.  It turned out to be a a damaged belt which has now been replaced and the truck is running great again.  I began reading the page-turning owner’s manual just last week!
I was able to visit my parents last Friday.  I walked quite a bit with my 84 year-old dad who remains very spry.   There is no doubt in my mind that there is a connection between mind and body. Being active by just walking allows us to relate to the world around us, making us happier and that is very good for our health.  Get out there  early today and enjoy all the bounty Nature provides for our eyes. 
Have a great day and a great week, Marietta

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