Farmers Market

Dear Friends,
Greetings on this renewal Sunday, the last one for the month of July!  Get out there early and move your body a bit, taking deep breaths in gratitude and anticipation of a good day.  If you live in Atenas, come visit the first ‘barter/swap meet’ in the Central Park of Atenas today from 9 to 4.  It should be lots of fun.  
I lingered a while on the terrace this morning, gathering my thoughts and contemplating the topic for this morning’s musing.  The mind works in mysterious ways.  My thoughts were undisciplined. Unbidden and negative memories worked their way to the forefront.  I wondered how different my writings would be if I had begun this weekly endeavor five years ago without the self-imposed condition that it needed to be positive or inspiring.   It is no longer difficult to find encouraging subjects or narratives to share, something for which I am immensely appreciative.  I scolded my mind and reminded myself that unwelcome thoughts and intrusive ideas are no longer my specialty!
Last week was filled with social activity for me as I caught up with people whom I haven’t seen in some weeks.  It is refreshing to talk to enthusiastic individuals who have passion for their work or their hobby and enjoy sharing with others.  I was especially cheerful on Friday as I approached the farmers’ market.  Before long, I was greeted by a handful of my friends and we caught up quickly.  The farmers market is always a colorful feast for the eyes and I was happy to see the ‘regular’ vendors I like to buy from.
One of my favorite stands to visit is don Juan’s, the medicinal plant expert.  He is very knowledgeable about the plants and herbs he sells.   I have never gone wrong when I purchase items from him to plant in my garden.  We talked for a few minutes.  I listened intently to his instructions on how and when I should plant and care for the items I was buying from him.  My questions about homeopathy are always answered convincingly 
by virtue of his command of the subject.  
As I was leaving don Juan delayed me to place a bag of freshly cut basil in one of my shopping bags.  He said simply that it was a token of appreciation for a good and faithful customer he hadn’t seen in a long time.  He said he enjoyed talking with me because I made him feel important.  If you are thinking that I had a big smile as I left 
the market on Friday which stayed with me all day, you would be correct!  One apparently insignificant exchange made us both feel important and connected.  I look forward to more Fridays and more exchanges like this.
Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta

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