A reclining chair!

Dear Friends,
Greetings on another Sunday morning, a day for relaxation, rejuvenation and rest.  
Get out there and move around a bit while reflecting on all the good things in your life right now.  I am sure there are many good things in your life and I invite you to focus your attention on them today.
I had a molar extracted early yesterday morning.  It was a simple and quick procedure.  While we were waiting for the anesthesia to numb the area to be worked on, the doctor explained the steps that would follow and asked if I had any questions.   I looked at the tray beside me where he had placed a large assortment of drills and pliers and shook my head:   everything was very clear and I just wanted it to be over quickly and without too much discomfort.
The doctor worked for the next several minutes with no indication of having noticed my anxiety.  My mind raced back to my childhood when visits to the dentist were accompanied by pain, scolding, no explanation and no anesthesia!  After a minute or two, I began to breathe normally.  I smiled mentally as I realized that times are different and that this man (by virtue of being many years my junior) was not going to scold me for anything.  I was just getting used to the reclining chair when he announced calmly that he was finished!
Although I would never classify tooth extraction as an activity to be repeated every Saturday, I was very impressed by the surgeon’s professionalism, courtesy and competence.  I left his office feeling happy that he had taken care of a dental problem that had been bothering me for years.  He instructed me to take it easy for the rest of the day (no cooking, no ironing and not too much talking!) and told my husband that I
had been a very good “patient”.  It was like winning a prize.   His excellent skills and pleasant style have convinced me to make my dental health a priority from now on.  Do you have a dentist story to share?  Tell it to me and we’ll compare notes!
Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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