Classical Music

Dear Friends,
It is a beautiful morning that greets us today, another chance to renew our spirit and 
take time to do something that brings us joy and allows us to welcome a new week.
Get out early and engage in some movement, invite someone to come with you, you
won’t regret moving around before the rains come this afternoon.
I love to listen to classical music (especially written for violin) when I have the time 
to sit for an extended period.  Listening and responding to music was a common activity
for me as a child.   I can still see my father vacuuming (ahead of his time!) the living room floor to a Beethoven concerto while I napped on the couch.  The aroma of my mother’s cooking would sometimes fill the air and forecast that someone was coming for a visit!
I took piano lessons as a teenager and later as an adult.  I have wonderful memories of 
arriving at the ‘conservatory’ in Brooklyn for my lessons.   I experienced almost uncontainable joy as the sounds and levels of expertise in the studios permeated the building as I climbed the stairs to my lesson.  My enthusiasm for my own progress and talent ended when I heard my teacher snoring loudly as I played a piece I had practiced diligently at home during the week.  
I stopped taking lessons abruptly and never shared the real reason with my parents because I was reluctant to get the teacher in trouble.  The idea of one day playing the piano and singing professionally faded as I accepted the fact that I did not have the single-minded drive (or gift!) to succeed in that walk of life.   Classical music (and other types too) still inspires and motivates me.
Our daughter turned 18 this past week.  I greeted her launch into adulthood with a mixture of feelings.  I remember how it feels to know oneself an ‘adult’ in legal terms and at the same time be aware that many of life’s hurdles are still ahead.  It is an exciting time for her and for my husband and me as we assume our new roles as parents of all adults!  It brings me great joy that our children are pursuing careers in theater, music and art.   We will do what is in our power to support them as much 
as possible.  I feel no trepidation in pronouncing our children the ‘conductors’ of their lives who will not hesitate to confide in us when one of their teachers is snoring!  
Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

One thought on “Classical Music

  1. Nice memories! I studied violin at George Gershwin JHS in Brooklyn as a child. When I played the Star Spangled Banner for my mom after practicing diligently, she turned to me and said “That was nice. What’s the name of the song?” I knew I a career in violin probably was not in my future! Thanks for writing.

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