The choice is ours!

Greetings Friends,
Here it is, another Sunday of renewal and relaxation; another opportunity to make
some good memories.  Get out and about early so that you can later enjoy an
afternoon’s well deserved nap!
I have had a busy couple of days, back in New York for the final stretch before our
daughter heads to college and campus living.  We’ve done most of the shopping and
all that remains, really, is to arrive at her room and see what else is called for.  It has been a good exercise for me as I make an inventory of the items she already has and compare it with what I think every well-equipped ‘home’ should have.  It will be interesting to hear how she adjusts to living with her peers after so many years living at home alone with her parents! 
These last ‘summer’ weeks will be very nice for me.  I welcome the informality that is
present when I spend time with our (now all adult) children;  it is a pleasant change after years of following a rigid agenda of meetings and schedules.  It delights me when I just need to sit back and relax while our son is driving us around the city he has become so familiar with.   I enjoy letting them set the pace and make the suggestions for an outing, noting with pride and a little self-consciousness how my husband’s and my styles have become part of theirs.  It is evident that children really do learn what they live and that what they live should always make them feel accepted and secure.
As I get older I remember the words of a great teacher I once had.  She told us that nothing lasts forever; that it is important to make the most of the time we are given.  It is ours to choose, she said, whether to be content with our lives or to complain.  When I behold our children and see that they continue to blossom in positive ways, I know that we have taught them that they too have choices.
I feel relieved that our lessons have taken hold and I look forward to many years of adventures with them.
Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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