The Human Touch is Essential

Good morning, Friends, I compose today's e-pistle while gazing out my kitchen window.  In the distance I see the cloudsframing the branches of the tall trees that grow on my neighbors' yards.  The warble of tiny,energetic birds reaches my ears and focuses my attention on them.  It is a gorgeous day, perfectfor an early walk.  Get … Continue reading The Human Touch is Essential

The Rain is Music

Greetings Friends, I was roused from slumber early this morning by the music of a heavy downpour.Grateful to have a roof over my head, a cozy bed to sleep in and nothing urgent totake care of in that moment, I let the rain be a source of delight.  I envisionedall the produce in the garden receiving … Continue reading The Rain is Music

Blessings on a Sunday!

Dear Friends, I woke up this morning feeling rested and very content.  Within minutes, my first cup of coffee (from Atenas of course!) appeared and a delicious breakfast soon followed.    I am grateful once again for my husband's unchanging practice of pampering me in this way on Sundays; a typical day begins with additional joy.  Make time today … Continue reading Blessings on a Sunday!

Seek Good Health and A Positive Attitude

Dear Friends,I woke up to a cloudy and wet Sunday morning in New York; typical of the season and a sign that summer has really come to its conclusion.  Tomorrow is Labor Day here, the day when families everywhere celebrate together and 'close' the season.  Today is still a good day for renewal, rejuvenation and relaxation and I … Continue reading Seek Good Health and A Positive Attitude