Seek Good Health and A Positive Attitude

Dear Friends,

I woke up to a cloudy and wet Sunday morning in New York; typical of the season and a sign that summer has really come to its conclusion.  Tomorrow is Labor Day here, the day when families everywhere celebrate together and ‘close’ the season.  Today is still a good day for renewal, rejuvenation and relaxation and I encourage you to get out and enjoy the blessings of your life.

I was touched and delighted with the feedback I received from many of you last week sharing your experiences with growing children and empty nests.  It is wonderful to feel a part of a warm and loving community and I thank you all for taking the time to write me.  Our daughter has concluded her first week in college and is adjusting to the direction in which her life as an adult is heading.  It has been very entertaining to listen to her recounting her experiences and knowing that she, too, feels part of a community.
We will be going to Coney Island Amusement park in Brooklyn later today to celebrate a birthday.  It fascinates me to see how enthusiastic our grown children are about this kind of outing.  I will be there to hold belongings and take pictures; the days of scaring myself by riding the cyclone are unapologetically behind me!  Coney Island is a wonderful example of the restoration and revitalization possibilities that emerge when the public and private sectors of a community join forces for the common good of present and future generations.  
September is a month of celebrations in our home.  The most important one for me is Costa Rica’s Independence on September 15th.    I enjoy watching the lantern parade in the evening; the exuberance of the children with their lit models brings me tremendous satisfaction because it reminds me that families in Atenas can still enjoy a peaceful
evening out to celebrate the feeling of well-being that still exists in our tiny county. 

Life is magnificent.   If we strive for good health and look for ways to be pleasantly surprised by the simple things around us, we will surely not be disappointed.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta


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