Making a mark

Dear Friends,
Greetings to you on this dreamed-of Sunday.  It is a great opportunity to take yourself, your family and your
pets for a nice long walk, absorbing all the sights and sounds around you.  Do it early before the day gets 
away from you!
In preparation for a report I have to write later this month,  I have spent the last few days going over my notes 
to recall the many community activities that have taken place this year.    Although my notes are disorganized, 
I am glad that I scribbled the key words that prompt my memory to remember the events.  Keeping a proper 
journal is a wonderful practice, one I wish I had more discipline to undertake on a regular basis.
Here we are in September!  The chill in the New York air reminds me that autumn is here.  The days are getting
shorter and the leaves on the trees are signaling the start of their rest cycle.  The sidewalks will soon become a visual
carpet of colors, a feast for the eyes.  There is a tangible vitality during these months as school begins anew and
prepares us for the close of another year.  If we accomplished nothing in the first three quarters of the year, here is
an opportunity to get something going during the last one. 
Yesterday I took a long walk around the neighborhood.  I saw trees that have been here for a century.  I heard the 
joyous sounds of children playing in the park.   I took a deep breath and recalled a sign I saw recently: “Think 
of the future, plant a tree.”  I have always enjoyed reading autobiographies, the stories of transformation.  My writings 
to you each week have allowed me to chronicle my own transformation.  I read a story long ago that reminded me
that life has an expiration date, that we need to appreciate it NOW.  I smiled at the memory and began today’s e-pistle
in my head.  My mission is simply to urge us all to think of the future, plant a seed, leave a trace that we were here.
Have a wonderful day and a productive week, Marietta

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