The Human Touch is Essential

Good morning, Friends,
I compose today’s e-pistle while gazing out my kitchen window.  In the distance I see the clouds
framing the branches of the tall trees that grow on my neighbors’ yards.  The warble of tiny,
energetic birds reaches my ears and focuses my attention on them.  It is a gorgeous day, perfect
for an early walk.  Get out there and stretch your body in gratitude.  Invite enthusiasm and make
today a memorable day with your loved ones and your pets.
Yesterday was a made-to-order day for me.  We spent some time in the morning visiting friends to
see their garden.   Few things energize me more than experiencing the joy and modesty of a serious
gardener giving a tour through the grounds that evidence the hours of toil devoted to it.  We left with
plenty of nature’s bounty to share with our neighbors.  I came home with renewed resolve to get my
own garden in order.    There is nothing as satisfying to me as pulling weeds and taking a few steps
back to see good progress after only a few minutes of steady work; I carved out the time to do this today.
In the evening, I attended the annual assembly of the Atenas Ox-Cart Driver’s Association of which
I have been a member since their beginning.  It was wonderful to see the men and women of our county
who still spend most of their days working the land with their animals and living the simple life of
yesteryear.  When the attendance sheet reached me, I was taken by surprise to see that only a handful
of us listed email addresses or cell phones yet the room was bursting with people.  It made me smile to 
acknowledge that written invitations, personally delivered, were responsible for the good turnout.  
In the oxcart drivers’ world, the human touch is vital.  In my world where technology is an essential
component of my life, it is indisputably the authentic yet elusive human touch that has kept me a member
of this association, even though I have no oxen or expectation of having any in the future.  I believe that
realization reached me in this moment, as I write these words on my state-of-the art computer! 
Last night, I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow and I slept soundly all night.  Although I can claim
that nothing makes me an insomniac, I cannot recall too many other nights that were such a testament to 
a day really well lived.  My heart bursts with gratitude and I look forward to recreating more of those 
simple yet fulfilling days in my future.  I wish the same for you.
Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta

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