Day Care Center

Dear Friends,
After last night’s typical-for-the-season heavy downpour it was a joy to wake up this morning.
Although it is overcast, I can see all the way to the Turrialba Volcano which is shrouded in mist.
It is impossible to tell whether it is doing its usual huffing and puffing but I assume so for it is part
of its daily routine.  I take that as an indication that I should also spend a little time in movement
and meditation as part of my daily routine.   I encourage us all to get out early in gratitude for
another day. 
Atenas received a visit from President Laura Chinchilla Miranda on Friday, October 4th.  She was
here (and later in San Mateo) to inaugurate a newly-constructed (and much needed) day care 
center.  This center will be able to accommodate about 100 children in ages ranging from newborns
to 8 years old.  In addition to the care and educational stimulation from preschool professionals, the
children will receive nutrition four times a day in the 10-hour period.  The majority of the children have
working mothers who are often heads of household and don’t have the means to enroll their children
in private centers.
In her message, Ms. Chinchilla shared the known fact that a few weeks of intensive work with a child
prior to entering kindergarten does not make up for the educational, nutritional and cognitive deprivation
of the early years.  The network of centers for children (and senior citizens) around the country is this 
administration’s harvest after many months of planning, coordinating and motivating the local 
governments to apply for the funding necessary to build a center in their county.  My sincerest 
congratulations to our local government for complying with the complicated bureaucratic requirements 
to obtain the funds to complete this project for the benefit of our community.  
The past few months have had us all holding our breaths as the rains have damaged our bridges and
roads and have made traveling more complicated.  On Friday for a few hours, under spectacular weather
and a wonderfully festive mood, I was able to see the happy faces of the children and the grateful smiles of
their mothers at the inauguration.   I feel blessed and proud that I was able to witness this event.
Have a wonderful day and a productive and energizing week, Marietta

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