Aloneness and Companionship

Good Morning Friends,

A wonderful Sunday morning greets us today.  By this time, you already know that I am having or will
have my cup of Atenas (of course!) coffee and a delightful breakfast prepared by my husband. 
I will urge you to get out there and move around a bit in gratitude for all you have and all your body can
do.  I will remind you that on this day we will celebrate cultures around the world in our little town. 
I invite you to meet me in the park for some fun activities and an opportunity to share your culture
and learn about others!  I am nothing if not consistent, and because you already know how I’m going
to start my missive, I will not disappoint you today!

At the end of September I took a few days off to go to Punta Leona by myself.  I wanted to spend time
alone luxuriating in the ability to do nothing and think of nothing for three whole days.  Naturally, I
made sure that I took a bunch of books, my iPod, my iPhone and my computer…just in case!  I confess
that I really enjoyed the solitude but I also learned that I could not live alone for more than one week! 
I found myself looking for reasons to communicate with my family and for opportunities to connect with
other guests at the hotel. So much for seclusion!

During my stay at Punta Leona I woke up early one morning to go birdwatching.  This is an activity which
I discovered about ten years ago and which I really enjoy.  I was able to recognize a few of the bird sounds
I hear in my neighborhood but I was also able to see and hear new birds.  It was not surprising to learn
that Atenas is a favorite of many of these exotic birds.   I have made a commitment to sit on my terrace
more often and make a proper inventory to share with our future visitors.  Later that same morning I
visited the butterfly garden and learned just a little more about these colorful and fascinating insects. 
I came home with new appreciation for the flowers and insects on our lawn.

The long, peaceful walks to the beach and back served to highlight how important it is for me to share
my life with others.  I came home rested, relaxed and ready to engage with the people and activities
that are the daily components of my full and happy life.   Sometimes all it takes is a few days of
aloneness to accentuate the pleasure of companionship. 

Have a great day and a wonderful week.  Don’t forget to come to the park for a Cultural Celebration!


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