Escape Through Books

Good morning Friends,

A magnificent, sun-filled morning greets me today. The light shining through my window always makes me feel good. I became even more cheerful to realize that I could pack as little or as much into the day as I want because nothing major is beckoning to me from the outside. I think I will spend some leisure time in my garden, perhaps plant the two young
eucalyptus trees I picked up from my friend don Juan at the farmers’ market on Friday. I invite you to take a little time to get some fresh air and movement today. You’ll feel great!

It is only 8:00 a.m. as I begin this message. I can hear the steady hammering at my neighbor’s new construction. The dog in his yard barks loudly each time a stranger or another animal crosses his path. In a few minutes, the environment will be filled with the voices of the preacher
and choir next door in their open-air church. I recall with nostalgia the days of my youth when my busy parents considered the early hours of a Sunday morning too special to disturb unless something really meaningful had already been planned. I take a deep breath and remind myself
that my life is blessed in countless ways and that I do have a good supply of earplugs!

Whenever I am in New York I make it a point to visit the local library. Books have been special to me since childhood when they often provided the only possibility of escaping to a quiet corner. The silence of this corner was only broken by the gentle whisper of a page turning. In the public library near my parents’ home in Queens, I allow myself the luxury of sitting in a trance while I observe the morning patrons (mostly senior citizens) avidly reading the newspapers.

Everything in the library is modern and digital. I had noticed sadly that the helpful librarian of yesteryear had been replaced by an officious bureaucrat whose unapproachable style made me happy that I did not need help with a research project any longer! I was glad, however, to see
her manner change unexpectedly when a young child translated a request for his mother. She was encouraging and helpful to this young person who will hopefully make much use of this wonderful resource in his future. I was emboldened to say goodbye when I was leaving to which she replied
“Have a great day!” I walked home feeling much better about both of us!

Have a wonderful day, a terrific week, and I’ll see you here next week,

One thought on “Escape Through Books

  1. I’m with you on this! I, too, retreated to a corner with books growing up in a violent household in the projects in Brooklyn. I know yours wasn’t violent, but loving. Good job noticing the redemption of the “new-style” librarian. Thanks for writing!

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