Greetings Friends,
At this moment, the sun is shining brightly.   The dog next door stopped barking
and all is quiet except for the random and hushed sounds from the birds far away.
If I concentrate deeply I can faintly perceive the sound of a lawn mower working one
last time this season.  The rains are disappearing soon to be replaced by the
winds that herald the holiday season.  I feel enormous gratitude as another Sunday 
unfolds before me.  Join me in gentle movement and rejuvenation in preparation for
the coming week.  You won’t regret it!
When I first started driving in Costa Rica 14 years ago, I was extremely intimidated
by the roundabouts (rotundas) that were part of the highway I travelled on a daily
basis to get our children to and from school.  I preferred the commands of traffic 
lights and stop signs so I often took longer routes to other destinations in order to
avoid the chaos of the rotundas.  Although I hardly ever remember my dreams, the
recurring one that had me trapped in a rotunda, circling endlessly, was one that I 
found difficult to forget. 
One day while I waited for the right time to enter the circle, I observed a woman 
getting out of her car in a panic and changing places with her passenger who 
proceeded to navigate the vehicle out of the circle and onto their destination. This
was an extremely dangerous maneuver which resulted in near accidents and lots
of horn blasting.   My heart went out to this woman.  I once circled several times 
before I felt secure and calm enough to exit the circle and proceed to my final 
destination.  I was glad that my children were too young to notice or I would have
been the victim of endless teasing and comparisons to Mr. Magoo!
As a typical Virgo, I have lived most of my life logically and with extreme self-discipline.
I over analyze things and events and eternally seek order in my environment.  I believe,
however, that I have passed up on tremendous opportunities for fun as a result of this
unyielding character trait.  I am grateful that my children and spouse are endowed 
with qualities that challenge and motivate me to see life differently and explore new
ways of doing things.  In ‘real’ life I have concluded that the roundabouts are often 
very entertaining and a good stretch for a general feeling of well-being. 
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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