Su Espacio Dance Festival 2013

Greetings Friends,
A hazy morning salutes me.  The air is pleasantly still and the temperature is comfortable.  It is perfect 
for an early morning walk which I invite you to take.  As you walk, stay in the moment and revel in the
enjoyment your eyes and ears deliver.  You will rejoice later that you can reflect on these simple things.
Last night, I (and about 500 others!) attended the annual Dance Festival organized by Tina Newton,
director of Su Espacio.  We were treated to about a dozen wonderful presentations in ballet, modern
dance, Swing and Belly Dancing and even gymnastics that included props (spheres and hula hoops) and
added another dimension to the lively show.  In attendance were the parents, grandparents, friends and 
supporters of the many participants.  It was standing-room only for many patrons and I was delighted
to see many of my friends there.  Months of preparation were in evidence and I commend the teachers 
and students for all their efforts, and Tina, of course, for her tireless enthusiasm year after year.
We are more aware than ever before of the benefits of dancing.  Dancing focuses an individual’s
attention and commands the brain to rewire its neural pathways as needed to learn the new skills. There 
is growing evidence that regular dancing can protect an individual from the onset of Alzheimer’s or
dementia.  This is terrific news especially as the aging population worldwide increases. Dancing
is also wonderful physical exercise that reduces stress and gives us an overall sense of well-being.  
Another benefit is our exposure to other cultures when we stretch ourselves to learn the traditional
dancing of foreign lands.  
Su Espacio (Your Space) opened more than eight years ago.  Last night, Tina reminded us that her goal 
was to create “Your ” space, not “her” space.  She invited community participation and prompted us to
learn about all the activities that are offered in that space.  In Su Espacio we have an opportunity to
stretch our minds and our bodies and give back by participating in things like the “Angel Tree” project 
that provides Holiday gifts and a celebration for hundreds of needy children in our town.  I invite you
to visit Su Espacio and begin a mutually-rewarding relationship.   If you do not live in Atenas, I am
certain there are similar “spaces” where you do live.  Go find them!
Have a wonderful day, and a terrific week, Marietta


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