What we think, we become – Buddha

Dear friends,
An early morning appointment has prompted me to get out of bed earlier
than usual.  The day begins as magnificently as they all do here in Atenas 
and as I sip my morning coffee, I hope the same is true for you.  Please
remember my Sunday catchphrase and get out and about before the day
gets away from you!
In my lifetime, I have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with people
from all walks of life.  Because I am naturally chatty, I am always open to talking
to anyone and everyone who happens to address me.  My daughter teases that
making eye contact is my major undoing as it invites the pitch of the vagrant 
looking for charity; the manipulator looking to enlist me in a tedious task; and 
the witty salesman hoping to unload his needless odds and ends on me.
Although I admit that going out for a “quick errand” is not something I seem
to be capable of doing, many of my best friendships have sprouted accidentally 
in the most casual of conversations.  I enjoy talking to young people and I am 
always flattered and delighted when they seek me out for advice or informal 
dialogue. On Friday evening, I spent some time with a young woman whose 
boundless energy made me remember what it was like to feel on top of the
world every single minute.
In the last decade or so, I have been involved with scores of people who have
lived long enough (like me) to see our half-full glass becoming a little emptier
and having less energy to get up and refill it.  Thanks to this wonderful visit on 
Friday, I have connected with my inner resources and have replenished my 
supply of energy, at least for the short run.   I invite you to associate with people
who make you feel optimistic about life and the future.  If we really do become
what we think about most,  why not have good thoughts that we can grow into?
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta  

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