An Adventure in Los Altos de San Isidro

Greetings Friends,
A gorgeous Sunday awakens us!  Let’s not wait until the morning is over to do some
movement, relaxation and rejuvenation! It is a wonderful way to start the day and
get ready for the coming week.
Last week at around this time, I was getting ready to head up to Altos de San Isidro
(Atenas) to participate in an activity that centered around orchids.  I am always eager
to learn how to be a successful gardener, and as orchids have always intimidated me
a bit, I was an alert and active student.  My admiration runs deep for the few women
of AMASIA (Association of Women Artisans of San Isidro de Atenas) who devote their
time to cultivating these beautiful, complex, and diverse plants.  I learned a great deal
and I am hopeful that my little planting will one day decorate my porch with a colorful
flower.  I will keep you posted!
There were some people that I knew at the conference and some new arrivals that I
was happy to meet! The hours went by quickly in an atmosphere that was fun and
relaxed.  A typical lunch marked the end of the session and we soon took our projects
and headed home.  AMASIA’s nursery is nestled in the hills of San Isidro.  The last time
I went there (more than three years ago), it had been raining and there was no ‘proper’ path.
I surprised myself then by negotiating the road in my pickup with ease.
I was not so lucky this time even though the weather was dry and there is a cement path
that perfectly accommodated my car’s tires.  Perhaps listening to the stories of vehicles
falling into the ditch and trying too hard to avoid it was my undoing!   We had agreed that
I would wait for fellow participants at the top of the hill and take them back to town thus
they were making their way on foot when I propelled myself into a hole with my pickup
leaning into the deep gutter.
My immediate reaction (after panicking, of course!) was to call for a tow truck.  Marcial,
one of the other participants, insisted I give him an opportunity to try to get the truck out.
I was reluctant but finally agreed to let him have a go.  Several minutes of creative frustration
followed as we looked for rocks and trunks to surround the area of the tires to give them
some traction.  Soon Marcial put the car in reverse, eased it into a rocking motion and
successfully managed to get it moving in the proper direction.  He good-naturedly scolded
me for almost capitulating in the face of a ‘small’ inconvenience!
The rest of my day was spent in quiet reflection of the preceding hours.  I was mildly
entertained when remembering my impulse to quit when confronted with the problem.
It is probably why I have not been successful with orchids, as soon as I see them start
to ‘fade’ I feel defeated and discard them.
We celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday.  It is my favorite holiday, a whole day devoted
to being grateful.  This year our children will be celebrating without us in New York.  In
this fast-paced world we inhabit, it is easy to forget about the people in our lives that we
are grateful for.  I invite you (whether you celebrate Thanksgiving officially or not) to
acknowledge your loved ones this week and remind them of their importance in your life.
My list will include Marcial this year!
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week,

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