Live this Day!

Dear Friends,
A beautiful sunny morning greets me.  The cool December breezes have arrived
and serve to remind me of the real spirit of the Holidays in the air, despite the 
recent focus on ‘black Friday’ spending and chaos.  It is a wonderful day to get 
out in Nature; to invite mindfulness to flourish in you without any major effort on your 
part.  Even the shortest contact with the natural world will provide a sense of peace,
wonder and deep connection with everyone around you.  Try it and share your
impressions with me.
Every January I begin with renewed enthusiasm to devote more time to my writing,
my family and pets, my plants and our home.   During the last months of every year,
I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the list of obligations to which I have committed
during the year almost by accident.  It is difficult for me to prioritize my agenda because
I want to do everything on it, forgetting that many items are put there as reminders 
rather than commands.  
Yesterday I spent a few hours in my long-neglected home office.  I had not been there
since before Thanksgiving (last Thursday) so the first thing that caught my eye was a 
dried up plant I had forgotten to water for days!  I don’t think it will come back to life
and I am resigned to the fact that my memory is not what it once was.  I do need 
written reminders of the simple, but important, things I want to remember to do and
then of course, I need to remember to look at the reminders! 
As I was classifying  and filing the hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of documents in my office,
I was astounded by the many presentations of proposed (and necessary) projects for our
county that I have attended that have not had any follow up.  At least two young visionaries
who I knew personally have died before their dreams had garnered the momentum 
necessary to help them come to fruition.  I ask myself whether there was something more
I could have done to assist them, and the answer is not really clear to me.  
I look out my window and I am reminded that the present moment is precious.  It is
alive, abundant and holds the promise of the day that unfolds before me.  For today, 
I will try to be here for this magnificent display of life and I urge you to do the same.
Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta


2 thoughts on “Live this Day!

    1. Hi Carole,

      Thank you for the feedback on my posts. It is very nice to hear from you regularly!

      One day we will have to meet and talk a bit.

      All the best, Marietta

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