The innocence of children

Greetings Friends,
A beautiful December morning greets me today.  Let’s all get out early and
in loving gratitude welcome another opportunity to live a great day. Invite your
family, take your pets and do something fun!
Last week I visited the local post office to pick up some mail. By ordinary standards,
the Post Office was crowded (4 people ahead of me, one behind me! ) and I braced
myself for a long wait.  As I was waiting, my ears picked up the sweet singing of a little
girl (around 6) accompanying her grandmother on her errands. The little girl (Naomi) was 
singing a Christmas carol and wondered aloud why there was no tree
decorating the Post Office (I had been thinking the same thing but was too grown up
to mention it!) .
Naomi ‘s grandmother replied that it was still early in the season, that they would no
doubt soon begin setting it up. This answer satisfied Naomi and she filled the waiting
time by hopping, twirling her long curls, and putting on and taking off her headband.
She was completely engaged in the present moment without a clue that the other 
customers (like me) were captivated by her energy.   While the grandmother was
completing her form, Naomi asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Grandma was
aware that the rest of us where hanging on to every word and answered maturely that
she had everything she wanted and did not need anything else.
Naomi was not impressed with this answer. She pressed her grandmother who then
answered quickly (without lifting her eyes or her pen) that she would ask Santa for a
blouse. This reply shocked Naomi who said that Grandma already had a lot of blouses.
How about a hairbrush, or a headband or a nice barrette? she suggested. Grandma’s 
hand flew to her hair and as she turned to face the rest of us (who were immensely 
amused by the whole scene) asked if there was a special reason for this comment! 
Naomi just smiled sweetly and twisted her body back and forth until Grandma’s 
transaction was completed and they left to continue their day’s errands.
As I waited my turn, I mentally applauded the Grandma for her cheerful responses. 
I have no doubt Naomi ‘s spontaneity is encouraged and accepted and that she is
growing up in an environment filled with love. Their interaction was a wonderful 
affirmation of family and it gladdens me every time I recall it. I hope I am equally wise
if I am ever a grandma!
Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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