The Opera and Ironing!

Dear Friends,
A lovely Sunday morning greets me and I hope the same is true for you.  By the time you
read my message, I will be on my way to San Isidro (Atenas) to spend the morning making
the season’s traditional tamales with women who know how to do it! That will hopefully be
what I need to avoid repeating last year’s culinary flop!   I encourage you to get out there 
and delight in the magic of the season that is unfolding.   Create new traditions or rescue 
some from your youth.  The idea is to move and have fun while doing it. 
I enjoy ironing!  This is not something that will come as a shock to you because I have
written about it in the past.  I am also very fond of the opera, something I don’t think I’ve
shared!  All the years of living in New York did not often bring me to the magnificent 
Metropolitan Opera House (The Met) and it is something I have regretted.  On Friday,
I was with a couple who told me they would be going to the Eugene O’Neill Theatre at 
the Centro Cultural in San Jose to see a live opera performance transmitted in 
high-definition video via satellite directly from the Met yesterday.  
I was extremely inspired when I learned that people in Costa Rica actually attended these
performances and I had a dozen questions for this couple who answered thoroughly and
I think were amused by my enthusiasm.  In my mind, I was looking forward to investigating
the situation further.   I came home and once involved in the household chores,I soon 
forgot all about it.  Yesterday I was tidying up our linen closet, and my husband turned 
on a New York classical music station (WQXR) for me. I began to iron the many items 
in my basket and felt happy with both the activity and the music.
After a while, the host of the Met Opera broadcasts introduced the upcoming live
performance and I realized that I was about to hear the radio broadcast of the presentation
going on live at the Met in New York and via satellite transmission at the Eugene O’Neill 
theater in San Jose.  Words cannot describe my emotion.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 
performance which was enhanced by the experienced host whose descriptions of the 
set were so detailed I felt I was there.  This was modern technology at its best! And in
addition to that, all my clothes were neatly ironed and on hangers in the closet by the end!
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week!

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