A Season of Change!

Greetings Friends,
On this glorious, sunny Sunday morning, I am grateful for all the wonderful people
and activities the next few weeks will be bringing to my life.  The sometimes strong
December breezes have also served to charge our little town with energy, optimism 
and the general feelings of goodwill.  Get out early and enjoy the Season’s Greetings
with all the people that you meet; enjoy a tamale as is traditional in this season!
I get around town quite a bit and it has been surprising (and interesting) to see how
many new shops and restaurants have opened their doors in recent months. Opening
a new store or restaurant in a place like Atenas (known for its slow-paced, small town
mom-and-pop shop traditions) shows optimism and confidence and I applaud this 
enterprising spirit.  The four major appliance stores in the county seem to be doing
well despite the economy and I have noticed that construction has finally begun for
the Walmart-owned Maxi-Pali that will compete with the other supermarkets in the area.  
A friend of mine in Atenas once opined that the consumer is the winner with all these
new options.   I have begun to look at this ‘progress’ from that perspective instead of
clinging to my resentment that my idea of life in the country is changing without my
permission! Deep down, I really believe that Atenas is and will always be a cohesive
community that proudly maintains the traditions that allow me to have the meaningful 
life I have come to revere.  I believe most of our inhabitants feel the same way and the
ones who don’t quickly realize it and move elsewhere!
I am indebted to all of you, whether you live in Atenas or not, for inspiring me to continue
to seek ways in which to serve my community and become a more compassionate and 
humble person.  My best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season wherever and however
you celebrate.   
Have a great day and a joyous Christmas, Marietta


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