The last Sunday of 2013!

Dear Friends,
On this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, it is my hope that your holiday 
season has been unfolding in a relaxing and meaningful manner. It’s important
to get outside early today in gentle movement and reflection, grateful for all 
that we have.  Today is the last Sunday of 2013 and I appreciate your having 
spent another year of Sundays with me.
We had a small, heartwarming Christmas celebration last week.  We are now
looking forward to the arrival of our children from New York in a few days.
We will welcome the New Year and then they will drive to the beach for a 
short time.  This will give us an opportunity to prepare our home for a larger
gathering of family and friends which their brief visit brings about.  It is
a joy to watch our children evolve and to experience the charm of the present
stage our family is in.
The frequent trips I made away from Atenas this year allowed me to evaluate
whether or not I am an ‘indispensable’ component of the numerous associations
in town that I have felt compelled to join.  It has come as a relief to realize 
that there are others who will actually step up when it is required and carry out
duties responsibly.  I have been able to distinguish which activities I truly enjoy
and which ones I can actually release myself from gracefully without any harm
or guilt.  It has been a welcome learning experience.
As I make my list of goals for 2014, I am charged with a renewed commitment
to good intentions in the past that have somehow ended up not being fulfilled 
or being accomplished in a mediocre manner.  I am determined to achieve less
but to do so with more joy.  I wish all of you a very healthy, prosperous and
joyful 2014 wherever it finds you!
Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week, Marietta


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