A New Beginning

Dear Friends,
Greetings on this First Sunday of 2014!  I invite you all to begin
this year as you hopefully ended the last one:  in loving gratitude
for all you have and in movement with a view to improving your
health.  As I write you these few paragraphs, I can discern the gentle
chirps outside my window.  I can also appreciate the beautiful manner 
in which the early morning clouds serve as a canvas to the now-leafless 
trees in the distance.
We celebrated my father’s 85th birthday last week.  It was a small, but
joyful, gathering of our family’s three generations.  The day was so
significant to me that I was consciously present in each moment, a
skill I would like to improve every day for the rest of my life! We took
many pictures and one of my first commitments of this year is to select
and organize them properly so we can enjoy looking at them and reliving
a wonderful day.
My father’s older sister was present at this delightful celebration.  She
told us with great enthusiasm how she ended the year with some modest
savings, a full refrigerator and pantry and no debt!  She certified herself
as very optimistic for 2014 as a result of this fortunate circumstance and 
the fact that she is also in possession of very good health!  I am not sure
whether she is one or two years my father’s senior (no one is telling!). Her
behavior and outlook on the challenges of her life have always been very
moderate which has no doubt contributed to her robustness.  I hope it is 
As we begin to work on our ‘resolutions’ this year, let us remember that 
life is a chain of days that link together and extend for a length that is 
unknown and not under our control.  What is under our control is our
capacity to greet each new morning as a potentially rewarding day and 
then make it so.  We might be quietly setting a good example those 
around us can follow.  
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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