Living in incredible times!

Dear Friends,
Greetings on a peaceful and sunny Sunday morning.  The day unfolds before me in a
quiet and relaxed manner.  I am eager to enlist my wonderful husband’s assistance
to take down and store the decorations that have graced our home for the last few weeks.
It is time to get the new year started in earnest.  But first, I will spend a few minutes
walking, stretching and being grateful for what I am and all I have.  I invite you to do
likewise as a good start to another week.
Yesterday was a bittersweet day in our household.  Our children returned to New York
and back to their own lives.  Although I know how quickly time passes and I prepare
myself, the farewells always affect me deeply.  I am left with that indescribable
feeling of being momentarily adrift in a strange place.  It is my nature to allow myself
to stay in this uncomfortable place for only a limited time.  As soon as we return home,
the list of chores is a welcome relief.  I am thankful for the happy memories and pictures.
The magic of the internet allows us to maintain frequent contact with our loved ones.  I
can still remember living in Escazú in 1973 and having to make a complicated journey
into San José every few weeks to call my parents in New York (from a little booth
in the main RACSA office) to let them know I was okay.  We also used snail mail; the
immediate picture or message had yet to be invented!  I am glad I live in these times
when distances can be conquered by the touch of a button and I can instantly know
that our children are well.
As I begin to make a diagram of the way I would like to spend 2014, I am enthusiastic about
where I am in my life.  We are living an amazing existence in remarkable times.  You are part
of my experience because you allow me to share my thoughts and progress with you each
week.  Many of you take the time to write back with encouragement to continue to be a part
of your lives.  I thank you sincerely and hope we can continue this relationship for many more
Have a wonderful day and a productive and happy week, Marietta

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