Seek Progress, not Perfection

Dear Friends,
A clear blue sky with puffy white clouds greeted me this morning.  The strong breezes
of the season held themselves in check as I looked out the window and took my
first deep breath.  In that moment, everything in my life was perfect.   I felt myself
grateful once again for another chance to live an exceptional day.  I hope the same
is true for you and I encourage you to spend a few moments stretching, walking, and
appreciating everything in your life.
It is the time of the year when we are all motivated to make changes or renew our
commitments to resolutions we have made in the past.  My aims for 2014 are truly
uncomplicated and if I make small, steady progress in the key areas which present
challenges for me, I will be very content at the end of the year.  As I get older, I find
myself totally comfortable surrendering the idea of perfection in every aspect of my 
life. The realization that even small improvement is acceptable encourages me.
Yesterday I attended the semi-annual assembly at the Hogar de Ancianos (long-term
care facility) in our town.  I am an avid supporter of this wonderful resource for our
aging population and I look forward to becoming a bit more involved in their projects
and activities this year.  The Hogar de Ancianos is recognized as a model establishment
that provides a high level of quality care and evidences satisfaction in its residents and
its workforce.  These distinctions are the result of the commitment and persistence of
the Administrator, Board of Directors and staff who share a vision and mission that is
easy to perceive and support.       
I took a fun quiz a few weeks ago which concluded that my ‘mental age’ is 19!  Although
the idea is gratifying, the reality is that my ‘real’ age is almost 40 years more.  I don’t know
what the future years will bring to me but I am comforted that I can plan to ‘retire’ in a nice
home like the Hogar de Ancianos which will provide opportunities for rest, relaxation,
good nutrition and lots of fun, combined with loving and competent care!  Judging by 
the attendance at yesterday’s meeting, many of us have the same idea! 
Have a wonderful day, and a terrific week, Marietta


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