A magnificent day

Dear Friends,
A particularly magnificent morning greets me today.   The season’s strong breezes
are taking a rest now to allow the sounds and colors of the day to have their moment.
One of the prominent sounds that reaches my ears is the jubilant singing from a nearby
church.  I enjoy the upbeat music and am grateful once again for the ability to stretch,
smell, and welcome another chance to live a good day.  Get out there early today
and enjoy Nature’s gifts.
Now that our children are living their lives in New York,  I have slowly begun the 
transformation of our home school into the working office I desire.  The project won’t
be completed for many months.  The ‘classroom’ contains ten years of materials and
memories which require careful and time-consuming classification.  I find myself
immersed in the job with joyful anticipation because I can never predict what 
reflections will flood my mind when looking at a book or object used in those years.
Yesterday was a wonderful day for me.  I have discovered that it is fun to undertake
a project like this after many years of acquiescing to external demands on my time.  
I no longer cringe with guilt when I see my house plants because I have been able to
water them regularly and they reward me with colorful and healthy flowers!  The dust
and clutter on my counters and tabletops is at a minimum and this small improvement
brings me a great deal of emotional satisfaction.  I am in a good place and everyone
in my life wins as a result.
As you go about your day today, spend some minutes thinking about the small changes
you can make in your life to improve your health and wellbeing.  We are in charge of
what we make of our days by the attitude and perspective we bring to the activities we
engage in.  It is our choice to be kind or mean with ourselves and others.  Let’s choose
kindness, beginning at home.
Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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