The vote!

Dear Friends,
A lovely Sunday for rest, renewal and relaxation greets us all this morning.
No matter what the weather, see if you can get out for a little while and move
around a bit.  You will feel improved all day long!
I was returning from the airport today just before sunrise when my eyes rested
on a large flock of tiny, happy swallows.  As birds go, they are not what I consider
the prettiest, but ornithology has room for every bird and I have found that just 
spotting and hearing the hopeful, energetic sounds of these tiny creatures as they
glide through the air lifts my spirit.  Contemplating them for just a few minutes
energizes me and makes me smile.
The last several months have found Costa Rica deeply immersed in political
campaigning.  The onslaught of information and advertisements ended earlier
this week and we head to the polls today to elect our next President.  I understand
the apathy and fear that has gripped the hearts and minds of potential voters
in the last decade.  It originates with discovering the undeniable reality of corruption
and self-interest in some of our elected and appointed officials.   We are tired and
weary of false promises of a progress that doesn’t materialize quickly. 

Complacency with mediocrity is something I find hard to accept.  I am
confused and annoyed when the most vocal critics of the establishment are 
the very ones I have never seen step up and assume even the slightest bit
of responsibility for the way things are.  Some things are totally under our
control, like motivating ourselves to become for fully participant in our lives
and communities. We have incredible minds and it is time we exchange
apathy for interest and fear for hope.
I believe that a place worth living in is a place worth improving.  I share
the general disappointment with politics but I will not ‘volunteer’ my vote
so that someone else makes my choice today.  As I watched the little swallows
chirping animatedly before me on my drive home, I was suddenly overcome
with impatience to arrive at the voting booth to cast my ballot.  I was probably 
one of the first ones to vote this morning and it took less than fifteen minutes!
The rest of the day now stretches before me and is mine to spend in any way I like. 
Have a wonderful day and a stupendous week, Marietta


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