A well-lit path

Dear Friends,
It’s a gorgeous Sunday morning as I write this.  I invite you all to get out early 
and give your body a nice workout by stretching gently and breathing in and out
rhythmically.  You will be glad you did it and then you can spend the rest of the 
day enjoying the activities going on in your world.
February is the month of love and friendship.  It is a wonderful opportunity to 
show your affection and appreciation for those who are in your life, beginning 
with yourself.  Today is the 7th annual chili cook-off in Atenas. The proceeds 
from this annual event, founded by Tom and Kay Costello (Kay’s Gringo Postres) 
has become an important source of financial aid to the Hogar de Vida (orphanage/
foster home) in our town.  I will be there all day today and I hope to greet you as
you enjoy the activities and chili tasting! It promises to be a wonderful day for us all.
Today is my parents’ 62 wedding anniversary!   It is an anniversary for me as well 
since it is one year since I tripped over one of our dogs (Canela) and broke my 
humerus bone!  I am happy to report that I am about 98% recovered! I can once 
again perform the simple, routine movements I no longer take for granted.  I am 
more careful around Canela these days. I have learned that a well-lit path is always 
the one to follow and I do my very best to do so.
I wish you a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta




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