A Surprising Gift

Dear Friends,
A gorgeous day is here!  Get out there and move about, in gratitude
for another opportunity to welcome the sun!
I woke up very early this morning and took an early morning walk in
the company of two of our four dogs.  They are the seniors of the pack.
“Winnie” is almost 15.  She is a little deaf, has some cataracts and due to
the recent emptying of our nest, she has become my husband’s and my
caretaker just like she was for our kids when they were here.  She still
has a lot of energy and she has developed a habit of running ahead of us
but looking back and bobbing her head as if to say: “Come on slowpokes, 
keep up!” 
“Sol” is going on 13.  She was born on our property (on our daughter’s 6th
birthday) and was the runt of an eight-puppy litter.  Her mother was not 
very fond of her but our daughter treasured her and made sure that she
received love and affection from her human sister.  I never really paid 
her that much attention because her nervous personality made me uneasy.
I reasoned that she was getting plenty of love from our daughter, she didn’t
need much from me.  The feeling was mutual and the years have passed
When our daughter went to college, she asked me to please pay attention
to Sol.  I was a little surprised by the request, thinking that our daughter
surely knew I would not neglect Sol, a commitment to a pet is for a lifetime.
Somewhere in the last few months however, I have come to understand what
she was really asking.  Our daughter knows that I would never willingly neglect
my responsibilities for the health and welfare of our pets. When it came to Sol,
however, she was asking me to open my heart and share some of the genuine
love and affection I so freely bestowed on our other three dogs. 
I recently took Sol to the veterinarian to have her teeth cleaned.  Because of her
age and temperament, the doctor suggested it would be best to use anesthesia.
When I was signing the authorization acknowledging that I was aware of the risks,
I suddenly realized that in the last six months, Sol has become my little darling.
I had trouble assimilating the idea of anything bad happening to her but I knew
she needed the cleaning and I trusted the doctor.  Everything turned out fine.
I have learned a valuable lesson about opening up my heart and releasing love
to this little animal.  Instead of having less love to give, I am now able to feel 
even more love and I am the lucky recipient of attention from the other three
dogs who now understand they have to share me!  It’s been a very good thing
for us all.  If there is a pet or a human in your life you could love more, do so, 
the outcome is grand.
Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta


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