The Colors of the Season

Dear Friends;

A gorgeous Sunday greets me, I hope the same is true for you wherever you awaken.

It’s a great day to indulge yourself in relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation.  Why not 
admire the gifts Nature bestows upon you with the special people in your life?

Around the end of January each year, I become totally aware of the reality of the dry

season in our country as the leaves on the trees fall and the grass turns various shades
of brown.  I used to really focus on what I described as the “drab olives and khakis” of the
season until the year our daughter suggested I look at the colors the way an artist would.
She urged me to appreciate the singular beauty of the hues and imagine how much mixing
it took for an artist to reproduce the colors on the palette. A change in my perspective has
induced me to really “see” my surroundings at this time of the year and I delight in observing
the first blooms of the bright Yellow Cortez (tabeuia ochracea) against its naked, brown
I spent the afternoon yesterday in the company of ten other women who gathered for the specific
purpose of learning how to make traditional Costa Rican rice pudding from experts.  What we
didn’t know was also in store for us was learning how to make piononos (a ripe plantain fritter)
and observing the process of making the traditional grapefruit preserves so popular in Atenas.
The hours passed quickly with each of us taking turns observing or employed in the process.
We sat down later to share the feast which was accompanied by freshly-brewed coffee and tea
and entertaining conversations and laughter.
With so much going on in our lives, it is easy to forget to suspend our frenzied activities and 
make time to savor the small but meaningful ways in which life can unfold.  Share a meal,
tell a story, or sing a song with loved ones, you’ll feel great and glad you did it.
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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